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Caring for your
Printed / Embroidered


Did you know that the care instructions that come on many printed / embroidered products are designed for the plain, uncustomised garment? Once a product has been printed / embroidered on then you need to adjust how you look after your item in order to increase its longevity. Below are a few tips to help keep your product in shape, its colours vibrant and generally get the most from your purchase.

The basics

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Wash inside out on a low heat

Do not dry clean

Do not bleach

Natural dry where possible

Do not spin / tumble dry

Do not wring out strongly

Iron on reverse on a medium heat setting

Do not steam

Recommended maximum washing temperatures
for customisation materials

Digital & vinyl print

Up to 30°C

Screen printing

Up to 40°C


Up to 60°C

Please also refer to the garment manufacturer's washing instructions. If their recommendations differ from those listed above then please go with whichever heat setting is the lowest

Storing & folding

To protect the embroidered or printed logo on your clothing hang it up in your wardrobe. If you need to fold the item to place in a drawer or suitcase avoid folding along the embroidered logo or text so as not to stretch the thread.

Finally, we highly recommend washing your customised item before its first use. During the print / embroidery process a variety of stabilising/adhesive materials are used. These can leave a residue which can cause irritation / discomfort for the wearer. Normally, a quick wash cycle will remove these and leaving your new item comfortable and ready to use.

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